Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tool #10

Luckily our wonderful librarian, Miss Lee, met with my 2nd graders last week to discuss Digital Citizenship. It is important for my students to understand that they should not communicate with people they do not know on the internet through email, messages, etc. just like they shouldn't talk to a stranger that approaches them on the street. Also, they need to know what to do (tell a teacher/parent/adult) if they find something that is inappropriate and/or something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Lastly, it is important for them to know to not share any personal information with anyone on the internet. My students viewed the Digital Citizenship video on Brain Pop Jr. and then discussed as a class while making a list of things they should and shouldn't do while participating in the digital community. I plan on sharing the idea of digital citizenship with my parents through our class blog. It is very important for them to know how to monitor and teach their children how to use the internet at home since they may not have content restrictions like we have in place in SBISD.

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